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Product Description: Adopting Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the machine realized automatic material feeding, electronic weighing, temperature controlling and material level control, etc.

Machine Description

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Vacuum Pre-Expander Introtuction:

1) Weighing system

Adopts dedicated weighing controllers and parts of famous brands, with PLC and touch screen control system, the weighing system can accurately control the raw material input to realize the minimum deviation.

2) Weight-feedback system

Adopts Automatic closed-loop feedback system, imported special weighing controller, touch screen panel and PLC control system , the machine can accurately measure the weight of foamed EPS beads and feedback timely. By automatically adjusting the inventory to control expansion precision, the accuracy can reach 1% .

3) Proportional valve control and detecting system

1.Control : With Germany GEMU proportional adjusting valve, to control the input of steam , air and exhausting ; Make mixed steam temperature and pressure adjustable ; Ensure precise heating and foaming evenly ; Ensure meet the requirement of steam temperature and pressure for different gram weight.

2.Detection : With detecting device of steam pressure, compressed air pressure, foam cylinder body and drying cylinder internal pressure , and detection of steam temperature and the foaming barrel temperature , The machine can do better control and master of different adjusting requirement of different gram foaming process .

4) Pre-Expansion system

1.Made by high quality stainless steel, internal fine polishing process , ensure machine without rust , corrosion, deformation and not sticky material ; Guarantee the roundness and strength of the pre-expansion tank.

2.With variable frequency control, stirring spindle speed can be adjusted to ensure a more uniform heating for raw material.

3.Spliced by precise stainless steel ladders, the bottom floor has a good ventilation which ensures more stable and even steam flow during heating.In this way, stable and even EPS products are made with less consumption of raw material and energy.

4.With PTL Vibration Level Sensor, pre-foaming system is so precise that it maintain the minimum deviation.

5.Precise machined and fitted by the CNC center, the discharge can work steady without deformation or material-blocking.

5) Vacuum drying system

1.With vacuum drying system, drying time is reduced while foaming is more even and accurate. What’s more, every discharge is clean that samples’ feedback is precise.

2.With Germany-made butterfly discharge valves, it ensures timely material output after vacuum drying.

6) Filter system

1.With horizontal paddle structure, the filter system works more stable which realize the better filter.

2.Works under the principle of closed-air aspirator, material-feeding is more timely and quick by avoiding the wind.

7) Electrical control system

1.All valves are imported from Germany, saving energy and working stable .

2.All electrical element are imported from Germany and Italy.

3.Its operation is simple and easy. Feeding weight and all relevant parameters can be adjusted and self-saved according to different material and density. The feedback system can weighed every foam weight accurately and feedback timely to adjust next feeding weight.

4.Adopts SIEMENS Touch Screen Panel and PLC . The touch screen control system can automatically detect faults and alerts their location and repairment. With this friendly interface, maintenance is more easier and faster.

Vacuum Pre-Expander Application

vacuum pre expander machine application

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