Multifunctional Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutting Machine

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Product description: Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine is With automatic wire setting system to set cutting wire automatically for different cutting sizes. Efficiency improved & Energy saving .

Machine Description


Multifunctional Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutting Machine Introduction:

The main frame of the machine is welded from square profile steel with a strong structure, high strength and no deformation.

The machine has horizontal, vertical and cross cutting devices and can realize 3-direction cutting, i.e. horizontal, vertical and

cross cutting.

The machine is integrated with frequency control to realize a large range (0-4m/min) of stable and stepless speed adjusting

which is suitable for the requirement for low-speed cutting and high-speed retracting.

The machine has a whole-block cutting system to improve the production efficiency and size precision which is suitable for wall panel cutting.

Vertical EPS Block Machine Application

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