Automatic Energy-Saving EPS Block Machine

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Product description:Adopts special and advantage through-heating moulding technology, it is equipped high pressure induced draft fan suction and cooling, with strong penetration, low steam consumption, fast molding performance, to ensure consistent inside and outside the product with good adhesion and low moisture,

Machine Description

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Fully Automatic Energy-saving EPS Block Moulding Machine Introtuction:

The machine is welded by high-quality profile steel with age heating treatment which can bring a high strength, non-deformation and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products. The machine is controlled by LC full computer touch screen displayer which can realize a full automatic cycle operation of mould opening, mould closing, material feeding, heating, heat preserving, vacuum cooling, demoulding and extruding-out of finished products.

The surface of the mould is made of special aluminum alloy panel which can realize a high efficiency of heat conduction, favorable tensile strength and long service life.

The machine is integrated with a high-efficiency vacuum pump cooling device with a strong penetrability, favorable adhesivity, low consumption of steam, high speed of shaping and low water content so as to ensure the uniformity of inside and outside of the thickened foam plastic panel, which highly increased production efficiency.

Vertical EPS Block Machine Application

Vertical EPS Block Moulding Machine Application

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