The working principle of eps foaming machine


Eps foam machine first appeared in foreign countries, the original model is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller bubble, it is also known as "bubble machine." Later, with the continuous progress of technology, foam technology continues to improve, the new models continue to emerge, forming a different technical system. China as early as the 20th century, 50 years began to use the foam machine, but not a dedicated foam models, but the use of mortar mixer. The foaming agent is added directly to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, allowing the blowing agent to mix with the mortar or concrete to form a foam. Before and after the 20th century, 70 years, began to appear special blowing agent, that is, high-speed impeller foam machine. And then continue to upgrade technology and upgrading, and now has developed into a high-pressure inflatable as the main third-generation models, the basic to meet the needs of foam concrete.
Regardless of the foaming machine, the basic principle of foaming is to introduce air into the blowing agent solution. Various models of change is the introduction of different ways of gas, and thus the effect is different.
The formation of the bubble has two essential factors, one is the blowing agent solution, the second is the air, both are indispensable. Without the blowing agent solution, the liquid film surrounding the gas will not form, there will be no bubbles. And no gas, a single blowing agent solution, the bubble can not be formed.
In the bubble formation system, the blowing agent solution is a dispersion medium, the gas is a dispersed phase, the gas is dispersed in the liquid to form the bubble, and the bubble is composed of numerous bubbles.

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