The main equipment of rock wool board production line is introduced.


1 melting part

The melting part of the furnace (cupola or gas), four rollers centrifuge, feeding machine etc..

The cupola, is used for melting rock (slag) equipment, the body is provided with a cooling water circulation system, to ensure the safety of cupola; a hot air preheating temperature on the system itself, so that the equipment can effectively save energy, with a single row of multi eye structure, is provided with an air quantity regulating valve, convenient operation.

With refractory furnace, by natural gas jet spray into the pool melting raw materials.

Four rollers centrifuge is the main equipment for producing rock wool and slag wool, four roll centrifuge factory production is split, a roller position can be adjusted, with reliable work, high efficiency, good quality, fiber characteristics and convenient maintenance.

2 sets of cotton box equipment

The equipment adopts vertical cotton cotton collection box set function, by centrifugal spinning machine will be thrown into lava stream fiber, blowing to cotton, the wind will lead to the formation of negative pressure fiber raw mat mesh belt. Net belt transports the original felt to the pendulum swing cloth cotton cloth cotton, cotton layer placed after uniform thickness, can significantly improve the quality of the products.

3 plate part

The plating part is composed of cloth cotton machine, curing forging and cooling machine, main power, hot blast stove etc..

(1) cured forging

Curing is forging molding equipment, cotton cloth swing after the original felt by the cloth cotton machine transported to curing forging, running forward on the chain, hot forging in curing hot air to blow will make its curing cotton blanket.

(2) cutting machine

Cutting machine is the role of the cured products were cut, the first longitudinal cutting, transverse cutting.

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