The energy saving potential of eps foam machinery


EPS foam machinery production process has a very large energy-saving potential to injection molding machine, for example, injection molding machine process is generally divided into clamping, injection, melt, packing, cooling, open mold several stages, each Stage requires different pressure and flow.
For the pump motor, the injection molding process is in a changing load condition. In the hydraulic system of the dosing pump, the pump motor provides a constant flow at a constant speed, and the excess hydraulic oil flows back through the relief valve. This process is called a high pressure section Flow, this kind of return will cause energy loss. The use of the inverter can solve this problem, after adjusting the pump speed, the pump can produce appropriate oil pressure in the different stages of the injection molding machine production, the maximum reduction in energy loss.
The earliest use of the inverter in the eps foam machine is some end users, system integrators to provide them with eps foam machinery frequency conversion program, with remarkable results, so more and more eps foam mechanical users using the inverter Transformed their equipment.

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