The classification of foam molding machines and their respective structural characteristics

Foam molding machine with a variety of heating foam, the use of good old machine can not change the workshop environment, the machine can also be in the best condition, so that products to achieve the quality of automatic vacuum forming machine.
Foam molding machine is divided into automatic foam molding machine and semi-automatic foam molding machine. details as follows:
First, automatic foam molding machine
1, the use of PLC programmable control machinery and touch screen control, can produce a variety of difficult to shape, difficult to mold release and high moisture content of foam products.
2, equipped with high-pressure feed system, mold feed speed, material can be sufficient, with the same feed can be installed 25 -36 automatic feed gun.
3, the product out of the rack with double cylinder movement, smooth movements, work coordination, will not produce products top bad.
4, automatic foam molding machine to set the vacuum system to speed up the foam molding process speed, shorten the cooling time, reduce the bubble plastic video moisture content.
Second, semi-automatic foam molding machine
1, compact structure, save space, reliable performance, easy maintenance, saving manpower and materials, each person operating 2-4 machines at the same time.
2, the use of imported hydraulic drive system, an increase of clamping force, improve the mold speed, the molding cycle is shorter, more energy efficient.
3, the use of imported PLC programmable computer and DOPA man-machine interface touch screen to achieve the entire control system, with full-featured, easy to adjust parameters and other functions. By the mold, feed, foam, open mode, air off automatic control, but also to achieve the production of computer products in the control.

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