Structure of polyurethane sandwich panel production line

Polyurethane sandwich board production line complete sets of equipment, mainly by the open system, film cutting system, forming machine system, steel preheating furnace, high pressure foaming system, double track system, double track heating system, cutting system, horizontal cooling system, palletizing Systems, packaging systems and a series of equipment. An introduction to the uncoiler system of the device is presented:
1, the function of the opening machine using hydraulic cantilever up tight, mainly used for coil feeding, recycling. Lifting the trolley to carry the coil to the uncoiler, through the lifting mechanism to achieve the loading and unloading of the material. The opening of the unwinding movement shaft is raised in the form of inclined motion, and the center of the coil is adjusted by the hydraulic cylinder. The inner bracelet on the mandrel can be fitted with different specifications of the pad to ensure the requirements of different diameters of the coil. Driven by the motor to achieve the plate open material, can also be used for the recovery of raw plate.
2, the composition of the production line contains the upper and lower two decoiler, each decoiler, respectively, by the opening frame, trolley composition.
3, the main structure
(1) Uncoiler structure The uncoiler through the hydraulic motor drive sprocket, driven by sprocket spindle, so that the coil with the spindle rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of active open book. The base and the frame of the uncoiler are welded with a rectangular tube to ensure the rigidity of the equipment. The expansion of the opening of the uncoiler is carried out by a cylinder with a rotary dispenser, which is slid by the slanting slender so that the coil is firmly fixed on the open rack. When the spindle is rotated in the forward direction, the steel roll is rolled back when the spindle is rotated in the reverse direction. The press mechanism is through the cylinder swinging the press arm. The cylinder is raised and the presser arm is released; the cylinder descends and the press arm is pressed. When the involute is open, the presser arm must be pressed against the coil.
The opening of the uncoiler is done by pushing and pulling the hydraulic cylinders and moving linearly on the rails. This function is generally used in the production line center to adjust and replace the plate type specifications.
(2) lift the car structure The lift truck through the hydraulic motor drive sprocket, driven by the sprocket wheel, so that the car walking along the guide. Lifting mechanism is composed of hydraulic cylinder by connecting rod lifting platform, to complete the upper and lower material movements. Lifting platform, walking platform using a rectangular tube, steel plate mixed welding structure, compact appearance, beautiful. Lift car in the horizontal movement and up and down when there is a random stop, parking self-locking protection.
4, features
(1) simple structure, easy loading and unloading. Bending machine frame using the overall profile welding, shaft material using high-quality structural steel after heat treatment with sufficient steel to withstand the weight of 10T coil material, and other products used in the form of intermediate bracket to support, with a simple and reasonable structure, loading and unloading coil Convenient and so on.
(2) the use of hydraulic fine-tuning to eliminate the run-off type. Uncoiler rack is equipped with hydraulic trimmer, so that the center of the coil is consistent with the center of the production line, eliminating the possibility of improper forming and forming effect due to inconsistency between the center of the roll and the forming center.
(3) the use of hydraulic unloading pressure function, to achieve tightening of the material after the tight packing, reducing the loss of energy.
(4) The design of the lift truck adopts the parallel connecting rod mechanism, the structure is compact, the operation is smooth, the hoisting machine adopts the mechanical block protection, the impact force is small

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