Sandwich panel composite machine equipment safe operation and maintenance


Sandwich panel composite machine safe operating procedures
1, the operation of the sandwich board composite machine equipment to wear tight protective clothing, cuffs fastening, coat hem can not be open, not in the start of the machine to wear, change clothes, or around the body, to prevent the machine twist. Must wear a helmet, braids should be put into the hat, not to wear skirts, slippers,  Color Steel pressure tile machine parts should always maintain lubrication, each class should be filled with lubricants by the operator once every six months by the mechanic to the rolling bearing parts Raise the oil once.
2, sandwich panel composite machine equipment for the production of material thickness for the machine rating of a variety of steel, aluminum sheet metal sheet, and must be no hard marks, welding slag, slag, weld material, does not allow ultra-thick.
3, sandwich panel composite machine use:
A, according to the thickness of the production material, adjust the roller gap.
B, sandwich panel composite machine operation before running 1 - 3 minutes, after the normal production.
C, change the width of the coil will be different, timely adjustment of the width of the feed baffle, elastic moderate.
Sandwich panel composite machine equipment maintenance methods:
1, in strict accordance with the operating procedures to operate.
2, is strictly prohibited non-designated personnel to operate the equipment, usually have to do people off the plane stop.
3, the hydraulic oil within the pump to regularly replace the filling, and often check the electrical part of the work is safe and reliable

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