Rock wool production line with mineral fiber cotton as the main raw materials


Rock wool production line with mineral fiber cotton (including fly ash, slag wool and cotton basalt wool) as the main raw material, using electronic metering automatic feeding system of raw materials will be added to the closed furnace for melting, through four rollers centrifuge into fiber, adding proper amount of binder, the cotton collecting machine, cloth cotton machine, playing pendulum fold into pre press plate curing furnace, after cooling, cutting, waste edge recovery, automatic code machine, packaging products. From the product packaging are expected to use electronic digital synchronization, computer automatic control.

1, rock wool production line of reliable operation, long service life

2, the recovery of the waste side by using rock wool

3, a high degree of automation of mineral wool production

The rock wool board equipment of mineral wool production line production is by high temperature melting into the fiber, adding proper amount of binder, curing processing and material, widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries, has a good effect of heat insulation, sound insulation. Construction and installation convenience, energy saving effect is remarkable, has a high performance to price ratio. Rock wool board is a new type of insulation, sound-absorbing material, burning partition.

Rock wool production line has been widely used in construction, metallurgy, ship, electric power and other fields, the system layout specific introduction composite rock wool board composition. The system mainly includes the structure of mineral wool production line: adhesive layer, insulating layer, surface layer, decorative layer and accessories. The adhesive layer for the building to, is between the bottom layer and the surface layer of mineral wool production line will be first on two layers bonded together with cementitious materials.

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