Rock wool board production line process

The raw materials used in the rock wool production line are mainly slag, basalt and dolomite. The raw materials that meet the requirements are directly purchased. The raw materials in the factory are not subject to secondary processing. The raw materials (slag, basalt, dolomite) after entering the factory are stored in the raw material warehouse respectively. Inside, the elevator is loaded into the hopper, and the raw materials are sent into the bin. The electric furnace heats and melts into the melt flow cell. The centrifuge is used to cool the lava flow into fiber and spray it into the fiber forming chamber. The injection process adds bonding. The negative pressure wind pulls the fiber onto the mesh belt to form the original felt, and the mesh belt conveys the original felt to the pendulum cloth cotton machine to swing the cloth cotton, and the original felt after swinging the cloth cotton is transported to the curing furnace through the cloth cotton machine. , Running forward between the upper and lower chain belts, the hot air blows the hot air into the cotton felt in the curing oven to make it solidify, cut the solidified products, cut them longitudinally first, then cut them transversely, and store the finished products in the storage.

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