Quality identification method for foaming machinery material EPS board

EPS board is based on basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, any pressure EPS foaming machinery this method allows, after high temperature melting into fiber, participate in excessive binder, curing process made, due to foam plastic machinery information, The characteristics of the foam cutting machine has such a description to make negative answers to the people who are extremely negative, because the foaming machinery plant is currently on the progress of fire protection requirements, the information in the insulation project has been a certain scale of use. The idea of ​​constructing a report is also necessary, in the face of the current messy and disorderly external wall insulation mall.
With regard to the method of distinguishing the quality of EPS board from plastic machinery, we can distinguish between the following two aspects.
1.eps board color
Look at the color of cotton, whether the same, there is no difference between white and yellow. Participation system is on the one hand the inevitable development of employee stock system, and then the spread of plastic can be uniform, there is no plastic block. Slag content is not able to see many large slag. Good may be true but as writing, it is the same color, yellow, glue is spread evenly, and the cotton is fine, the naked eye can not see there are many slag, generally do not make too many modifications there is a saying.
2.eps board weight
The qualified EPS board weight is usually 120~130kg/cubic.

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