Principle and Application of Fully Automatic Foam Forming Machine


The EPS automatic foam molding machine is a machine controlled by a computer that can cut any two-dimensional product from extruded and swollen EPS foam. Through the use of a computer-controlled stepper, the heated heating wire is cut in the X, Y and Z directions, which allows fast and accurate cutting of the foam material.
Eps automatic foam molding machine is based on the product design of the CAD model into HPGA format, by the computer control X, Y, Z direction of the micro-stepper motor drive processing tools - electric wire and profiled heating wire, cutting EPS foam Plastic material, obtained two-dimensional EPS foam model. With the processing speed, forming high precision, good surface quality, low manufacturing cost advantages.
Eps automatic foam forming machine for machinery manufacturing, casting, automobile, shipbuilding, industrial design, mold manufacturing processing, advertising, construction and decoration, foam cutting plant, foam factory, foam molding plant, school institutions, advertising production company, packaging Factories, exhibitions, model plants, POP crafts processing and publicity and other industries.

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