Polyurethane sandwich panel production process

Polyurethane sandwich panel production process basically there are two ways: continuous production and non-continuous production. In the continuous production process, the material for the sandwich panel is processed together at high speed, and the polyurethane foam is continuously sprayed between the formed upper and lower surfacing materials at a uniform rate, where polymerization takes place to produce different forms of Polyurethane sandwich panels. The cutting of the sandwich panel after full molding is carried out with the desired length and the cutting process line does not stop.
In the non-continuous process, the material is treated separately, which means that the face material is cut into the desired length and then assembled together into the laminator and the foam into the face material to create a pre-set shape Polyurethane sandwich panels.
 It is clear that the efficiency of non-continuous production process can not be compared with the continuous method, at present, Continuous production lines are the best option if storage and raw material management are considered:
Continuous production line at the beginning of the reserves of some membrane, at the end of the plate stacking, automatic bundling, so as to prepare for the transport, do not have to think of ways to store the finished product.

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