Key Points of Construction of External Thermal Carving System of Exterior Rock


1. Frontier rock wool board construction, should be based on the design and the requirements of the procedures and the relevant technical standards for the preparation of the project for the special energy-saving insulation construction program, and the construction workers should be technical exchanges and professional and technical training.
2. Exterior rock wool board insulation system for the construction of energy-saving insulation works should be in accordance with the examination of qualified construction drawings design documents and approved by the project for the energy-saving insulation special construction program.
3. Rock wool board insulation system of production enterprises should be professional staff in the construction process on-site guidance, and with the construction unit and on-site supervision to do the construction quality control work.
4. Material approach must be in accordance with the specifications, quantity and quality requirements after acceptance to be qualified, and should be hand custody, is strictly prohibited open dumping. Curtain wall rock wool board should be shelved.
5. The construction of exterior rock wool board should meet the following conditions:
5.1. Base layer wall and its cement mortar leveling layer processing and embedded parts installed is completed.
5.2. The necessary construction machinery and labor and defense supplies should be prepared.
5.3. Construction scaffolding should be set up a solid, safe inspection qualified. Scaffolding pole and horizontal bar with the wall, the corner of the distance should meet the construction requirements.
5.4. The basic wall should be solid and smooth, the surface is dry, no cracking, hollowing, loose or pan base, cement mortar leveling layer of bond strength, flatness and verticality should be consistent (building decoration works quality acceptance) GB50210 In the general requirements of the quality of plastering works.
6. Exterior rock wool board exterior insulation construction period, the grassroots and the construction environment temperature below 5 ℃ shall not be construction. In five or more windy weather and rain, snow weather shall not be construction. Construction and construction, should take effective measures to prevent rain erosion and sun exposure, and should be timely to do protective layer. Such as the construction of sudden precipitation, should take measures to prevent rain erosion wall; winter construction should be in accordance with the relevant standards to take anti-freeze measures.
7. Large area before construction, according to the provisions of the site should be used in the same material, construction practices and processes to produce model wall, and confirmed by the parties before the construction.
8. Construction with rock wool board, the operator should wear a good anti-labor supplies, good occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.
9. Exterior rock wool board insulation system The inspection of the material should be sent to the qualified testing organizations for testing, testing can be used before passing.
10. The outer wall of rock wool board paste should be used sticky or sticky sticky method, the coating area should not be less than 50%. Yanmian board wiping the adhesive, the insulation board should be the first end of the paste with the grass-roots level, rock wool board should be horizontal and horizontal along the horizontal laying, and should be taken side edge of the anchor, slit should be naturally close, Not more than 2mm, such as the width of 2mm, there should be filled with insulation materials, adjacent board should be flush, plate height difference is not greater than 1.5mm.

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