How to repair automatic production line

First, maintenance
Automatic production line saves a lot of time and cost, in industrial developed cities, automated production line maintenance has become a hot spot. Automatic production line maintenance mainly by operators and maintenance workers to work together to complete.
Automatic production line maintenance of the two methods:
1, synchronous repair method: in the production of them, such as failure to try not to repair, to maintain the method. So that the production line to continue production to the holidays, the concentration of maintenance workers, operatives, for all problems, while repair. Equipment is normally produced on Monday.
2, Division repair method: automatic production lines, if larger problems, repair time is longer. Can not use synchronous repair method. At this time the use of holidays, the concentration of maintenance workers, operatives, a part of the repair. Until the next holiday, the other part of the repair. To ensure that the automatic production line in the working hours of non-stop. In addition, as far as possible in the management of pre-repair method. In the equipment installed timer, recording equipment working hours, the application of wear law, to predict the wearing parts wear, early replacement of wearing parts, can be pre-troubleshooting. To ensure full production line.
Second, maintenance
Automatic production line maintenance:
1, circuit, gas, oil and mechanical transmission parts (such as rails, etc.) before the class after the class to check, clean up; 2, the work process to inspection, key parts to sampling and found strange to record, After the treatment (not long), big problems do a good job of accessories preparation; 3, unified maintenance of all downtime, do a good wearing parts plan, early replacement of wearing parts, preventive measures.

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