How To Choose The Styrofoam EPS Shape Molding Machine ?


When choosing a product such as EPS (Expanded Polystyrene ) foam shape molding machine, the machine quality has always been with great concern by everyone. If you buy a machine with a bad quality, it will not be long used and start to have various functional problems frequently. Too inferior quality even brings some security risks, which is obviously very bad. Based on the experience of producing EPS foam molding machines for many years (since 1987), Guangxing Company will introduce you how to choose the EPS foam molding machine.

1. Choose The Manufacturers with Regular Brand Production

If you really want to choose the right EPS foam molding machine, you definitely need to pay special attention to the brand choice. After all, the state also has high requirements for such equipment, and it must be tested before it can be sold in the market.


Generally speaking, the products of big brands have undergone various tests. The quality does not require us to worry, and procurement is more secure.


2. Mechanical Production Performance

When judging the quality of the EPS foam molding machine, it is necessary to consider the delicateness of the EPS foam, and also pay attention to the uniformity of the EPS foam. You can make accurate judgments and choices through these specific aspects. In the face of various equipment, do not simply look at the appearance of EPS machine, and do not simply look at the price of EPS machine , but should combine a number of different factors to understand, in order to choose a good quality EPS foam machine.

l  The Delicateness of The EPS Foam

Whether the quality of EPS foam molding machine is good or not , you need to look at the specific fineness of EPS foam. If the EPS foam is relatively small and relatively dense, such EPS foam will be better in stability and have better strength for the final EPS foam products. Moreover, in the process of application, its insulation performance will be relatively good, and it can really protect the next applications.

l  Uniformity of EPS Foam

The so-called EPS foam uniformity mainly refers to whether the size of these EPS foams produced by the EPS foam molding machine is relatively uniform. The more uniform the size of the EPS foam is, the narrower the range is, the more uniform the endurance will be, and the effect in the application process will be better . So we have to check these factors. When the equipment is working, you should also look at the specific foam moisture content. These will affect the performance of future EPS foam products.

Guangxing Machinery Company has own EPS foam raw material factory in China . We are the only one in China own both EPS machine factory and EPS beads factory . We know the chemical formula of EPS foam raw material (EPS beads). Our machine is researched and designed according to chemical formula of EPS foam raw material , so the machine can meet EPS foam raw material much better with a great performance . 

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