High stanard eps coating machine For sale

eps coating machine
Production character :
This product is uniform shape,  light weight, smooth lines and small errors (1mm or less),
all the lines can be arbitrarily cut splice, easy installation (adhesive mortar adhesive),
not only to avoid the traditional facades GRC decorative elements in the installation,
the yin and yang corner stitching, high-altitude delivery on many difficulties and complicated process, greatly reducing the risk of high-altitude operations,
but also solves the traditional facades GRC decorative elements on the wall
after installation unavoidable phenomenon appeared numerous hot and cold bridge problem eliminating
the need for the project to install a large number of man-hours and costs, provide job security.
This product is currently GRC decorative elements and other traditional facades ideal alternative materials.
External wall insulation system is an integral part. Its lightweight, beautiful, insulation, fire-retardant, non-toxic, easy to install and so become a house wall decoration, old wall exterior renovation,

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