Foam molding machine works

Today's foam molding machines have also made great progress than before, but these working principles have not changed much. In fact, the machine is still doing the main thing is to crush all kinds of foam directly, the next step is to plastic pieces in the plastic, plastic, in fact, as the saying goes, the foam is re-forming.
After letting use is the machine to plasticize the foam strip, after the process is pelletizing, these steps are plastic molding process. After the use of other machines at the same time, the use of these devices include foam crushing machines, in addition to pelletizer and so on. In fact, this process will be those shabby plastic, after re-processing, directly crushed, re-use, the total is waste utilization.
In fact, this machine is now fully automated, does not require too much manual operation, not only convenient to use, but also higher work efficiency.
Foam machine is the foam crushing - plasticizing, pumping - cutting and other processes, respectively, by the foam machinery grinder, foam machinery granulator, pelletizer, which is made of waste foam particles for recycling Equipment used. Machine vertical layout, the use of hydraulic system transmission, the most advanced Taiwan computer and touch screen control, high degree of automation, easy to use. The machine moves smoothly, stops in time after power failure, has no inertia, and is most ideal for the mold slit.
Foam machine molding machine equipped with automatic feeding system, equipped with high-pressure silos and automatic feeding device, 15 automatic feeding gun can be loaded at the same time The machine guide rod made of 45 alloy steel, after heat treatment quench hardening by thread grinding machine, the surface Smooth, long service life. Foam machine molding machine using multiple heating methods, the use of solid and shift mode balance valve system, control instrumentation and control valves to complete the cycle, thereby making the machine more steam-saving. And to solve the instability of the steam gas source product quality instability factors, greatly improving the quality. Steam and cooling water valve using imported components, safe operation, stable performance, one person can operate 2-3 machines. Through the use of a turntable, generally used for profiling, you can also cut out the rotating body, including the ball.
EPS foam mechanical cutting machine light and strong, and has amazing cutting accuracy and repeatability. When cutting, relying on micro-fan cooling electric wire, at the same time by a special spring to compensate for heating wire after heating elongation. High-performance electric heating wire, this high-life alloy wire is composed of nickel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum and titanium, the length of elongation, can speed up the cutting speed and have a long life foam mechanical machine equipment analysis of the causes of the equipment Boot speed is not fast, a small amount of plastic, leading to plasticization of raw materials, particle material in the barrel slippage, the screw speed fluctuations, causing extrusion pressure fluctuations, leading to temperature control disorders. In the boot, should be prepared to do everything possible to minimize the waiting time during the boot warming process, change the template to be fast and neat. If the screw of the equipment used is cooled by oil cooling, it is related to the setting of the instrument in the mold thermostat, the smoothness of the pipeline, oil quality and other factors. If the device is cooled with circulating water, scale, solenoid valve failure as the main factor.

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