Eps molding machine and the difference between epp machine

EPP Molding Machine: Polypropylene plastic foaming material is a kind of outstanding high crystalline polymer material, especially the superior function of the current increase in environmental protection as the fastest growing new compression buffer heat insulation material. EPP products have a very good seismic energy absorption function, deformation after the high rate of recovery, excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and heat insulation, in addition, its quality is light, can greatly reduce the weight of items.
EPS molding machine: because of its outstanding buffer function and vibration absorption into a wide range of buffer materials used in modern times. EPS has advantages such as light weight, easy processing, good maintenance, wide adaptability, cheap and good quality, but there are some defects such as large volume, waste natural weathering, and burning and disposal of harmful gas. In the environment pollution is grim, natural resources in the absence of the case of EPS damage to the environment led us to great attention. Therefore, the foam will be gradually replaced by other environmental buffer data.
EPS molding machine is a computer-controlled, able to knead and swollen EPS foam cut out arbitrary three-dimensional products of the machine. Through the use of a computer-controlled step motor, heating of the heating wire in the X, Y and Z direction of the cut, which can make the foam data for rapid and accurate cut.
1, EPS molding machine main layout of the rectangular steel pipe and a variety of special convergence link convergence, movement and stability, rational layout, functional stability, high precision, leading technology, simple operation, the use of this product can save time, effort, Saving the original data; 2, the choice of stepper motor, smooth movement, free speed, suitable for cutting the needs of special graphics needs constant speed, mechanical handling accuracy of 0.5mm; 3, voltage conditioning: The machine is equipped with a 3KW transformer, And after the electronic regulator, the voltage output is 0 --- 70V adjustable. Cut the shelf can be installed 20 heating wire, can be cut with the same 20 lines or shape; 4, the choice of leading computer control system, directly on the computer to produce a variety of graphics, and then enter the console directly cut . Users can also use the U disk to cut the desired picture or text of the 3B code input controller directly cut. Eps molding machine is mainly used in the foam board, dovetail slot, saw-shaped slot, trapezoidal groove and other profiled slots, European architectural eaves line, foot line, Roman column cylinder cut, and color steel sandwich foam appearance Of the cut, etc., all two-dimensional graphics can be cut. The cutting machine reasonable layout, functional stability, high precision, leading technology, simple operation, reasonable price, than the industry ahead, is the original foam cutting machine to replace the goods, the use of this product can be done to save time and effort , Saving raw data

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