EPS sandwich panel production line


1, raw materials

(1) surface material

At present, Color Steel composite sandwich panels are usually painted in color.

(2) core material

The core material is polystyrene foam. Polystyrene foam is polystyrene particles in the foaming machine by steam heating curing, forming a polystyrene foam plate, according to the need to cut into a variety of sizes of plate stand.

(3) Binder

Color steel composite polyurethane sandwich panels, because of the excellent bonding properties of polyurethane materials, foam core material and can form a strong connection between the key, do not need other bonding materials. Color steel composite polystyrene sandwich panels, their core material can not be directly bonded with the surface material, must use the adhesive, the use of adhesives, also known as polyurethane adhesive. To improve the fire performance, but also useful modified phenolic resin as a binder. The polyurethane binder consists of A and B components. Since the chemical reaction rate of the binder is directly affected by the temperature, the proportion of the polyurethane binder should be adjusted as the temperature changes.

2, the production process

The composite process of the core material and the color steel composite sheet is continuous and does not include the production of polystyrene foam blocks and the production process of the block material into the core sheet. Due to continuous production, production efficiency is relatively high; production equipment has been made, its investment is relatively low, it is suitable for the needs of the domestic market

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