EPS sandwich panel application Note

1, quality problems
In quality issues, EPS color steel sandwich plate most likely to bond strength, surface density, peel performance, size deviation and other problems. Poor bond strength of sandwich panels can not afford enough external force, it is easy to damage, easy to tear. Sandwich panel in the actual installation process, can not afford enough mechanical force; surface density difference This will lead to sandwich panel bending performance is insufficient, can not withstand the pressure. For example, sandwich panels used on the roof, inadvertently added with heavy objects, are likely to cause indoor personal injury, used in the light combination of housing envelope structure can not withstand the large thrust, poor stability. In fact, as long as the manufacturer according to JC689.1998 (metal surface polystyrene sandwich panel "standard organization of raw materials production, surface density of this indicator is very easy to achieve.
If the stripping performance will lead to poor use of sandwich panel cold storage life will not meet the design requirements, the consumer's economic interests are seriously hurt. Size deviation will make the specification smaller, the use of the amount of increase, increase construction costs. Standard deviation of the length, width, thickness are specified, many companies do not understand the standard, the reported product specifications and actual production have a greater discrepancy. If the width of the standard series of 1150mm, 1200mm, allowable deviation ± 2mm. , While some manufacturers will report 1150mm specifications l200mm. In addition some manufacturers due to the lack of precision cutting equipment and other reasons, but also easy to cause size deviation unqualified.
2, construction problems
Pay attention to the connection between the steel frame and the EPS color steel sandwich panel, whether the connection is not covered with the fireproof coating and leave the fireproof weak point. Pay attention to the steel structure. EPS color steel sandwich board construction is equipped with lightning rod, whether there is a good grounding point.
3, the scope of application
EPS self-ignition and the ignition temperature is 495 ℃ and 370oC, EPS EPS steel sandwich panels can not be decorated kitchen, can not be used in the high-power lamps, can not be close to the fire with large, high frequency locations. EPS color steel sandwich panels can not be used as a temporary low-voltage power distribution room building materials. EPS color steel sandwich panels can be used as a clean building envelope material.

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