EPP foam molding machine

EPP foam machinery and equipment to choose the reasons:
1, machinery has been 30 years of history, in the country are starting earlier bubble industry, so EPP equipment research and development, production, sales and service has its own system of a perfect, more secure;
2, have their own independent research and development team, and with a number of domestic institutions of higher learning and foreign counterparts (Germany) often carry out technical, academic exchanges, innovation and strong, more stable and reliable equipment;
3, have their own CNC CNC machining equipment, no outside the processing, in the quality control on the more stringent, more secure;
4, all the equipment to take the form of orders, for different requirements of different customers, product needs to make different equipment, can be customized, more adaptable;
5, EPP molding machine has a variety of models, including the built-in steam room and plug the two major categories, customers can choose according to their actual needs;
6, EPP equipment core accessories are imported accessories, more to ensure the stability of the equipment and durable;
7, EPP molding machine rack thick, and the use of sandblasting, spray aluminum ion treatment, corrosion resistance, the tube with 20 years is not bad;
8, has a complete after-sales service system, have a first-class after-sales service personnel, after-sales service is more assured, reliable;
9, EPP equipment has been widely used in auto parts, children's toys and other production, customer response effect is good.

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