Color steel sandwich panel production line features


1. Installation fast:Color Steel sandwich panel production line light weight, stitching installation and free cutting characteristics, to determine the ease of installation, can greatly improve efficiency and save time.

2. Durable: a variety of research indicates that more than 40 years abroad and widely used: the special coating of color steel sheet protection in the new 10 15 years. After every 10 years spraying an anti-corrosion coating, sheet life of up to 35 years or more.

3. Light weight: less than 24kg per square meter weight, can fully reduce the structural cost.

4. Environmental protection noise: Color Steel sandwich panel production line noise intensity up to 40 50 dB. Is very effective sound insulation material.

5. Thermal insulation: Color Steel sandwich board production line commonly used insulation materials are: rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polystyrene, polychloride, low thermal conductivity. Has a good thermal insulation effect.

6. Plasticity: pressure plate can be arbitrarily cut, to meet the special design needs.

7. High strength: Color Steel  sandwich panel production line using high strength steel plate as the substrate: anti-tensile strength of 5600 (kg / cm) plus the most advanced design of the public roll forming, with excellent structural characteristics.

8. Fire: Color Steel sandwich panel production line of the surface material and insulation materials for non-combustible or flame retardant materials. Fully able to meet the fire safety requirements.

9. To meet customers: according to customer demand for rapid and flexible design, repair function.

10. beautiful: pressure plate clear lines up to dozens of colors, can be equipped with any style of building needs. To achieve satisfactory results.

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