Color steel composite board machine features

1, beautiful shape optimization, low noise, high production efficiency.
2, both to create a single laminated board, but also the production of ordinary I-shaped aluminum composite panels, mouth plug-in composite board, a multi-purpose machine.
3, the host using advanced frequency control, automatic fixed length cutting.
Color steel composite board machine model is varied, according to its composition can be better use.
Color steel composite board machine operation application:
1, in order to shorten the construction period, the use of pole rod and sling method, the composite board line bundled one-time hanging to the roof, and then the division of labor, to pay special attention to the transfer of color plate, you must use dry and clean gloves , Do not drag the steel plate and other things on the surface of the color plate, the staff on the roof, to wear soft rubber shoes, the roof should be cleaned before the sediment and dirt, when walking along the roof longitudinal, In the walk along the groove, try to make the load evenly distributed in the foot, and not set in the heel or toes.
2, in the installation, self-tapping screw drilling, hand, saws cutting or other operations will be in the roof or adjacent areas to stay in metal scraps, these things must be timely from the roof, water board, gutter, etc. Clean, to be free solid debris oxidation surface led to the formation of stains on the surface of color steel composite board machine, resulting in corrosion of steel plate.
3, the color plate in the site after the suppression must be classified stacking, and stamped with rain cloth, if the rain is more damp, the board must be immediately separated, with a dry cloth to wipe the surface wet steam, and then stack the board, keep the air Flow, so that the surface dry.

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